January 2020 - August 2020




Narrative Designer




A narrative puzzle adventure

Players assume the role of a little robot named T1M, who has been activated in the middle of a giant mechanical desert wasteland. He soon finds other active robots that are all part of what’s known as the OASYS, a massive network of code and machines that was built to restore the world if it was ever thrown into chaos. Players work with the other robots to travel outward and collect valuable resources and machinery to rebuild and repair it to save the world around them. To do this, T1M possesses a unique trait called material assimilation which allows him to consume various objects and take on it’s properties. Using this, players can solve puzzles and access new areas to restore the world to what it once was.

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As the dedicated narrative designer for my team, I was in charge of creating the world for the game once our concept was chosen. As a team, we brainstormed the broad strokes of the world. I brought two main concepts that were the foundation of the world, and wanted to know which one the rest of the team wanted to go with.

When we realized that were were split down the middle, we decided to combine the two concepts together so that everyone was happy with the outcome. I wanted an environment to place the characters in before I began work on them. Having that setting for the characters can help develop their personalities. 



For the characters themselves, I used the Carl Jung character architypes and combines them to create the base personalities for the characters. From there, because they are all part of a large and complex system, I gave them an identifiable role that would aid the player. This gave them more details to their personalities,  and helped me when writing the script. 

The script was a trickier process, as it needed to coincide with the content we were planning to make. It was a process of figuring out what levels we had and what they contained. This gave me some direction as to how that level effected the overall story and characters.  



Me: Narrative designer 

Ryan Littleton: Product Owner, Systems, level designer 

Alex Labella: Character Artist 

Eric Shepard: Environment, Prop Artist

Sophia Huang: 2D Concept Artist 

John Connelly: Lead Programmer 

Brennan Zynda: Generalist Programmer,

Music Composer 

Declan Connor: Producer, QA manager 

Miranda Mallery: Producer